124_alal: Diet Like A Tsunami!

Girl, I've been dieting for years! Like a TSUNAMI! Totally hopeless!! But... I comfort myself with the fact that I've been THIN and BLOND in my previous life! At least... That's what two of my dearest reincarnation therapists claim!

After Victor made a cartoon with one of my texts, I almost always made two or more new texts for the same toon. So, you will find lots of familiar cartoons with new text 🙂

There’s Hannah again, our plus size CosmoGirl. This 20-something big city (single?) girl has a thing for ‘Men & Food’… or is it ‘Food & Men’!?! Victor and I are still not sure about that! And, as we can read, she’s also into ‘Flexible Dieting’ and ‘The AfterLife’! PS: We think she’s on the phone with Linda – again!

Want more Hannah? Check: 009_alal, 137_alal and 145_alal!

Note: the Purple Series stands for ‘Feelings & Emotions’

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