042_bcon: Deliciously Rude Boobs

Men KEEP on telling me I have DELICIOUSLY rude boobs! Now isn't that SWEET!!!!!

Meet Kim, our Super Double D CosmoGirl! Victor and I created her especially for ‘Blonde Confessions’, one of the sub-series of ‘About Love And Life’. We both love the way she talks about men and her boobs 🙂

Note: the Pink Series stands for ‘Blonde Confessions’

145_alal: The Magnum Dark!

Well, the Magnum Dark has a MUCH stronger body & a MORE intense taste than all the other men... uhm, Magnums!

Meet Hannah, our plus size CosmoGirl. This 20-something big city (single?) girl has a thing for ‘Men & Food’… or is it ‘Food & Men’!?! Victor and I are still not sure about that! She’s having an icecream-talk with sweet CosmoGirl Linda.

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Note: the Blue Series stands for ‘Problems & Misunderstandings’

074_alal: Come Like A Fountain!

Well, when I COME, I come like the Fontana di Trevi! Do you think you can handle that!?!

Say ‘Hello!’ to CosmoGirl Georgina again! She’s one of the 20-something big-city (single?) girls that regularly pops up in the alal-universe. Victor and I see her always hanging out with her girlfriends or hanging on to her cell phone, mainly talking about orgasms and stuff…

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Note: the Purple Series stands for ‘Feelings & Emotions’

076_alal: Did You Miss Me!!!

About Love And Life_076 Did You Miss Me

As all universes, the alal-universe cannot exist (survive?) without some ‘Street Girls’. This is one of them with one of her ‘Regulars’.

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Note: The Reddish Series stands for ‘Fooling around & Breaking up’